Dainty Sload And The Power Load - Mukbang Mash (Full Album)

2017-07-21 12:16:36 by GobBageEata

Dainty Sload And The Power Load - Mukbang Mash (Full Album)




A Hanferd Rock band from the 1980's whose Lead Singer, Bassist, Drummer and Guitarist (Gob) was known for defecating on stage before scream crying his way into the first song. He unfortunately died in the bathroom of a gay bar... Gagged, bound, naked, covered in piss and caramelized in feces... he passed from a drug overdose.
R.I.P. Dainty Sload And The Power Load

Track List:

1)Drinking From The Deep Fryer: 00:00
2)Hoagie Tits: 3:00
3)The Burger Circus Mutant Go Round: 6:28
4)Jimmy Mozzarella: 7:34
5)The Mukbang Mash: 11:58
6)Liver Lips: 15:11
7)Faking The Funk: 16:45
8)Onion Snake: 19:46
9)Mutants On Strike: 24:29

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Pharaoh Phibes

2017-04-05 01:53:04 by GobBageEata



2017-02-13 22:36:50 by GobBageEata

Project: "Mad Music For Mad People" is up and a go!                               



Project: Mad Music For Mad People

2017-02-08 23:10:09 by GobBageEata

I'm gonna put together a stupid album of songs about being angry... and that is all lol